Import and search your whole SurveyMonkey account

Import your Data

Whether it's for reporting purposes, or to have your own backup of critical data, it's common to need to export your SurveyMonkey data and store your own copy of it.

SurveyImport periodically imports your entire account, reliably, and at a fraction of the cost of developing your own solution.

Unlock Insight

Many companies have years of hard-earned insight locked away inside SurveyMonkey, forgetting about rich historic market research, or even useful polls run just a few months ago.

SurveySearch lets you search across thousands of surveys and responses in seconds, reclaiming that lost knowledge.

          Using the importer was one of the best decisions our team has made to save time and resources. It easily saved us weeks or even months of work. Along with incredible time savings, working with Ben was a delight. He was with us throughout the entire process. The implementation was easy, worked right away and has continued to perform well.
Jameson Giebler
VP Information Technology, Summit Institute

What do you get?

There are three components: a Database which stores a copy of all your SurveyMonkey data; an Importer which periodically retrieves your survey information and stores it in your database; and a Website which lets you quickly search by keyword.

You'll get full source code access, with entitlement to customise it for your organisation as you wish. It's written in C#, using Entity Framework and ASP.NET MVC, and is partly based on my popular SurveyMonkey API library, used by thousands of developers.


Great! I'm happy to speak about your use case, to run through a demonstration with you, or to chat about how this is being used in other organisations.

I'm also open to working with you on any customisations you might need.

To discuss details, email